Craig Cackowski just tweeted some AMAZING images of early M Bar episode programs of The Thrilling Adventure Hour!

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I think I may have some more of these somewhere. Now I’ll have to go look.


My friend and colleague Marc Evan Jackson talking about arts for kids and The Detroit Creativity Project.

Skip the pointlessly long intro and start watching at 1:52!

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Another new project!  I’ve started doing these little vignettes called UN-imations with my friend @hallublin. They are short improvisational videos where Hal is given a name as a starting point, and then improvises a voice. From that, Hal sends me the file and I have 15 minutes or so to create an original character. They are still works in progress and hopefully interesting to watch. If you love them, let us know and we’ll make more!  Here is one we created yesterday with the name Abrigrastor Findelton.

Incidentally, the names came from my #140Characters project that I started and stopped a few years ago. So if the names sound familiar, that’s probably why.

astrakiseki asked:
(If you have a food processor, I can send a probably-better scone recipe my mom uses. Though, it isn't vegan.)


thisisareallymeaningfulurl asked:
Thank you for being such a great person! I met you the day before the September monologues episode of Night Vale and you were so sweet. Thank you! :)

Oh - at Dragon Con? Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the episode.