Well THIS looks like it'll be fun...



We’re playing The Town Hall in midtown Manhattan, y’all! We’re going to have Cecil Baldwin and Disparition and a lot (a lot!, he says again) of special guest voices (some old, some new!)

This will be a live performance of Episode 49 (our 2nd anniversary episode) and will be a one night only event. While the recording will be put out into the world, we will not perform this script live again.

I've infiltrated the Night Vale Wiki

I kinda feel like I’ve finally made it in Night Vale, you guys. I’m @nightvaleradio canon!

Somebody made a wish and now that old lady from the greeting cards has come to life.

This guy is planning one screwed up Seder. #passover #bacon


Ben Acker, Marc Evan Jackson, and Hal Lublin at Emerald City Comicon 2014’s Thrilling Adventure Hour panel.

(photos by Kathy Ann Bugajsky)


The Thrilling Adventure Hour Review


I feel like I came a bit late to The Thrilling Adventure Hour  party. I had heard of the show, or at least that there was a show, for about a year. What I hadn’t heard was what it was about. Back in January when I went to the see the Welcome to Night Vale live show, it was announced that they would be back in Seattle in March for Emerald City Comicon, and to do a cross-over with The Thrilling…

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Chicago, IL - Three gentlemen backstage, solving the world’s great problems.  Or at least it’s “really good” ones.

I’m get to hang out p regularly with Hal Lublin (not to mention Joseph Fink and Danny Schmidt who took this picture). I’m not gonna lie. It’s a cool job.

We solved a lot this day.

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