I want Hal Lublin to narrate my life

And now… It’s time to put the little ones to dreamland and set your radios to holy-buffalos


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

What pros. Two wardrobe changes and an extended bit.

Just in case you missed it, I dumped water on my head for Charity. Clock’s ticking, Autumn, aaronginsburg and Paul…

I never get tired of seeing @bnacker and @benblacker credited on comics.

cartman61616 asked:
Will you have a table or anything at DragonCon? I wanna meet you and get my TAH GN signed!

I won’t, but bring it and find me and I’ll happily sign it!

diebrarian asked:
Hallo, Hal! I'm so psyched that a member of TAH/WTNV is attending DragonCon, and I'd *love* to be part of a TAH/WTNV meetup. Say the word and I'll be there.

I’m not attempting to organize anything at the moment (seems like there are a lot of fans who might try to do the same so it’s easier to just piggyback). I will say that back in 2013 I did a teensy fan get together during SXSW and met some very cool people and enjoyed a passable meal in the process!

radakias asked:
As a person hoping to run into you at Dragon*con, are you gonna post more about appearing at meetups either here or on you Twitter or on your site later on? I know that various people are probably trying to organize one now, but that information on it isn't yet out there. Presumably. I haven't really checked.

I’m not sure what resources people are using for that, but if I’m made aware of a joint meetup, I’ll definitely post details to my site. Unfortunately, all of that is a bit scattered at the moment.

I will say that if you’re hoping to run into me, I’ll provide ample opportunities to make that happen.