This weeks lineup

- Surprise guest we can’t legally announce.
(Hint: Standup comedy icon, in Movies)
-Baron Vaughn
-Dave Ross 
-Hal Lublin 
-Peggy Sinnott 
-Patrick Quinn 

Hosted by Kate Berlant

Join us!

marteandthediamondsinthesky asked:
oh no! I was hoping to see you ont stage in Oslo :c

You and me both. Someday…

rosiebeastieparsons asked:
Sorry this is like the second question i've asked you. But, will you be on the welcome to night vale Europe tour?

No worries! Unfortunately, I can’t make the Europe tour, although I really wish I could!

The spirit of Steve will be among you…


It’s a real special day over on Hey Hear Me Now! Celebratin’ 2 years of Pursuin’ Dreams!!! Here’s the link to see the video

My favorite Country Music Singin’ Sensation is back! If you’re in need of some inspiration, you should follow her journey. Or if you’re in need of a smile and a good laugh.


30 Days of TAH, Day 19 - 24 Hours with a Character

There you are, minding your own business, when this…. being… appears in front of you. This weird thing, with pink spinning halos all around it.  

"Greetings, bag of chemicals and meat!" it says, in a naggingly familiar voice.  "I am a cosmic being with a name so delightfully complex it would take the rest of your life just to speak it!  I am bored, and so I have found you, an arbitrary pile of organs and nerves arranged in a metabolic system with the mayfly illusion of consciousness!  For the most whimsical of reasons, I shall open up a portal and allow you to spend spend twenty four of your laughable Earth-hours with any character in the entire universe of that podcast to which you waste your ridiculously limited mortal life listening!  Go to its universe, and amuse me with your antics!"

"But only one?" you ask.  "I can’t hang out with Sparks and Croach?  Frank and Sadie?  Banjo and Gummy? This seems unnecessarily convoluted and arbitrary!”

"It is!  Don’t think about the logistics too hard, dumby, this is wish fulfillment. Now tell me, to where do I zap you with my limitless powers and which with whom do you whimsically dally?  And make it good, skin balloon, because I am not tearing apart the very seams of the fabric of time and space to NOT be amused!"

Well?  You have 24 hours in one TAH universe with a TAH character from that universe. What do you do?

The biggest thanks to annadiplosis for providing today’s artwork — on short notice even!  Also thanks to shannondapper for re-writing today’s question when your regular 30 Days posting mod was feeling super uncreative.


Here’s a little Throwback Thursday for you Adventurekateers. Some early promotional postcards made by our pal Adam S. Doyle (no relation) from our M Bar days, back in 2005image



This is a “Billy the Bot” piece, later used as a postcard (we believe):


We can’t thank Adam enough for giving early visual life to these characters! Adam has illustrated a new middle-grade novel called Fat & Bones, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Check it out.



Hello Listeners!

You may have already seen that the great Welcome to Night Vale / Thrilling Adventure Hour crossover show will be released on October 1st. And yet, you still may not have gotten caught up on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.  You thought you’d have more time!  Well, time travel is no longer illegal, so just go ahead and zip back a month or two and begin getting caught up on TAH.

If your time travel machine is broken, and instead, you’d like a crash course into what you need to know before October 1st, read on!

So by now you might be wondering: What the heck is this Thrilling Adventure Hour thing?  Should I be listening to it as well as Welcome to Night Vale?  Are they similar at all?  Do I have room in my heart for two podcasts?  Will the Sheriff’s Secret Police show up in an unmarked van and haul me away?

The answers to these questions are:  We’re about to tell you.  Yes.  Sort of.  Probably.  Definitely. (But not for listening to TAH.  You know what you did.)

As huge fans of both podcasts, this post we’re making here is just going to be a basic introduction to Thrilling Adventure Hour, what you need to know for the crossover show, and what you need to know to become an Adventurekateer.  Oh, yes, TAH fans are called Adventurekateers.  Fun, right?  Anyway, we’re not going to go SUPER in depth into exactly what TAH is.  For that, we highly recommend you go check out whitachi’s awesome TAH introduction post here.  Really, as soon as you finish reading this post, go read that post, too. Or, go read it now.  Or after you get back from your sojourn to THE BROWNSTONE SPIRE.  

We’re going to put a Read More cut here because we care about your dash, but please click it.  What else are you going to read, a book?  Do you really think you’ll make it back from the Library?  Well, it’s your choice.

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There are glowing arrows in the sky. You can’t see them. I do.

I feel sad for Steve Carlsberg now.

Source: alethiometry

shimmervee asked:
hello!! so there are shirts on redbubble with your face on them. i was wondering if you got any revenue from that? i want very much to support you and also desperately want to wear an article of clothing with your face on it

You mean these shirts?

I don’t currently see any money from them, but I appreciate anyone who is willing to support me by buying that stuff. It’s possible that a little money might come in if the volume of purchases are high enough, but that shirt design is the hard work of an artist and done for me as a surprise!

Go for it.